The mantra of “Our Towns Icefight” is – Prevention through awareness and education and consistent with that, we are working with a specific school, a number of community groups and education experts to incorporate drug education into the parameters of the current school curriculum from prep to Year 12. 

We are also working with a school to develop a new initiative which is to identify students at risk of becoming dis-engaged from the school community, and re-invigorate them to participate in the education process as other students do .  Early indications are that this program is showing excellent results and we anticipate expanding the program to involve other Geelong based Schools during 2016.





Year 12 GTEC students tireless work on a VCAL Health & Wellbeing Project culminated in a well planned Youth Summit.
This was a opportunity to educate and empower young people on the negative impact of the drug ice, addiction in general and some of the underlying issues and triggers was a student run project guided by educators. 

Main ideas and initiatives from a well run Youth Summit

1. Introduce peer to peer education in schools which would help people start talking about the dangers of addiction to drugs like ice. 

2. Organise student mentors in schools to be available to talk to about addiction.

3. Encourage the government to spend less money on TV scare campaigns INSTEAD use Social Media (unskippable promotions) before YouTube videos.

4. Pressure government to fully fund more rehab centres.

5. Rehab first, Jail second

6. Centrelink food and clothing vouchers instead of cash

7. Enforce random drug testing in schools and workplaces.

8. Drug and alcohol workers in schools as well as Mental Health workers.

9. More Youth Summits run by Youth

10. Address and look into the PERSONAL PAIN that has led to addiction.

11. Hear real stories from people with experience.

12. More options for teens to partake in low cost recreational activities in rural centres.

13. ?Iphone app / info site