Our Town’s Ice Fight has been on a crusade to stamp out the use of the drug Ice in region Geelong being the first. 

Members of the community have banded together to highlight the impact of Ice and come up with collaborative ways to educate and prevent its’ use.  

Another innovative project has been the partnership with industry sectors to develop ongoing education in relation to illicit drugs with an Ice specific focus.
This education is industry specific and industry related and will be delivered via a mobile phone app, known as the ‘Tradie App’.

“The Fight Continues” campaign aims to highlight the positive inroads that have been made in the fight against Ice and encourages the community to show their support for Our Town’s Ice Fight. 

Since its’ Declaration Day back in November 2014 a total of nine key projects have been implemented to make a difference in Geelong. Four pillars were established - Sport, Youth, Education & Workplaces. Each pillar developed a number of projects using a collective impact model to address the issue of Ice in our community, all aiming to educate and empower people to be better informed about the issue of Ice in our community.

To date over, 40 workplaces, 16 commercial worksite and 29 community and business group presentations have taken place. 4,000 employees have participated in Ice awareness talks across the Geelong region.



Our Town’s ICE Fight can offer workplace talks.  We have spoken to over 35 workplaces over 14 months (September 2014 to November 2015), involving – Building/Construction sites, retail businesses and white-collar/administration facilities where we speak to the employees/employers about ice & Illicit substances and the effects on workplaces. 

We have assisted in developing policy, procedures and education within these workplaces to deal with the difficulties of drugs, not only in the workplace but in society.

We offer this service to all businesses across the Geelong region to enhance workplaces and change culture when it comes to dealing with illicit substances.

These templates can transpire into a national level.

We are also working alongside a specific industry to develop an interactive, online, drug education program which utilizes the industry vernacular to improve the understanding and education.  This is being developed in partnership with the Australian Drug Foundation and it completes the puzzle in a lot of workplaces that don’t offer continual and constant drug and alcohol education. Most businesses have only policy and procedure, some have drug testing, but all workplaces visited so far lack an educational component. 

Early 2016 we will be launching the online ‘Tradie Trainer App’ which is the interactive drug and alcohol education for the Building and Construction Industry.