“The Geelong Community Drug Action Group strongly believes that education of young and vulnerable people is a long term solution to substance abuse."

We support the objective of Geelong’s Ice Fight : ‘Prevention through Awareness and Education’ 

The Outdoor Education Centre at Staughton Vale is used for  life education programs at Northern Bay College Campuses.

The facility is shared with Nelson Park special school, and is used to help students to explore the life challenges in an outdoor live-in setting.

In support of Northern Bay College’s  program, The Rotary of Highton is helping with refurbishment of the Northern suburbs outdoor education centre at Staughton Vale, which is 40 minutes north of Geelong near Anakie Gorge.

The programs run at the outdoor education centre include a 5 week ‘Connect Program’ challenging selected students to make smart choices in life including relating to health and drugs.”